Find out how to contact us for help with your Creative Coder Kit (formerly Mover Kit)

We're so sorry to hear you're having some issues with Creative Coder. Rest assured there is a team of tech-loving brains ready to help get things sorted for you as quickly as possible.

If things aren't working, or you're unsure about something, please drop us a message here describing the issue you are having and include as much of the following information as you can. The more info you can provide, the faster we will be able to resolve your issue.


Are you a home user, or are you using the kit in a school or similar setting?


Please include the following details about the computer you are using:

  • Mac or Windows
  • Operating system version (e.g Windows 10, High Sierra)
  • Computer Model (e.g Asus ZenBook, MacBook Pro)

Additionally, if you are using the Creative Coder Kit in a non-home setting, please provide any salient information regarding the IT setup.


If you are unable to code the kit, or are having issues with Bolt, we need two things in order to be able to properly diagnose your issue:

  • The version number of Bolt you have installed (e.g v1.0.2)
  • The log file, that contains a history of what Bolt has been doing. Please attach the whole file to the email.

Details for how to find these on Mac and Windows are provided below.


Find the version number of Bolt by right-clicking the Bolt icon in the task-bar, as shown below.

The log file is located here:

C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Bolt\log.log

Find the version number of Bolt by clicking the Bolt icon in the menubar, as shown below.

The log file is located here:

/Users/<YOUR USERNAME>/Library/Logs/Bolt/log.log