Please follow the steps below if some/all of the LED's on your Unsoldered Gamer's screen have gone to sleep. 

Ok ready. Let's troubleshoot!

1. First off, let’s double check that all your soldering on both the front and back of the board looks like this:

The important bit is that there’s no gold pad showing and no components are loose. Not quite? Go over your joints and either add/remove solder so your PCB looks gorgeous! Don’t worry about the brown bits around the solder, they aren’t burn, it’s just flux! Here are a few handy videos if you get stuck.

All looking good but still no lights? Let’s move onto the next section.

2. Double check that the IC Chips are facing the right way 

  • the MIC on the left 
  • the TLC on the right 
  • and the curved edges of both are facing upwards
  • and they’re fitting in snuggly to the sockets with no wonky/broken legs on the Chips. 
  • if there are some broken legs, please get in touch here

Looks a little off? Remove the chip(s) and adjust. Please be super-duper careful as the legs can be quite fragile. All looking good? Continue!

3. Remove the LED Matrix (your 8x8 screen) and try, very gently and ever so slightly bending the legs of each side inwards slightly -- this can allow for a better connection. It's best to do this against a flat surface such as a desk or worktop. Reinsert your LED Matrix to test your Gamer!

Still no joy? Let’s keep going.

4. If you haven't already, please download and install the correct Arduino software for you operating system here

5. Pop the code attached below onto your kit 

  • Open the attached file Gamer_LED_Matrix_test.ino file
  • Upload this to your Gamer
  • Do all the pixels light up, if yes - YAY!
  • If not - try giving the LED matrix a gentle move about while attached

Still no joy? Please follow the steps here for getting in touch about your Gamer.