The process of transferring code is called Flashing. Once the micro:bit has been flashed, the code will run automatically. 

1. Connect

Connect your micro bit via the micro USB cable to your computer

2. Compile your program

When you download a file from one of the editors, it is compiled in the browser and downloaded as a .HEX file.

Select download and if prompted, choose to save the compiled file on your computer (or anywhere other than the BBC micro:bit).


When you select Download in Safari, your file will appear under downloads in the top right of the screen, you can open your downloads folder from here.


This is the same process on Windows and Mac. Select Download and your .hex file will appear as a download at the bottom of the browser. 

Right click on the download and select show in folder.

3. Flash

To flash the file, simply drag and drop it on to the micro:bit drive from the file explorer or finder window. It should look something like this;

  • The LED on the back of your BBC micro:bit flashes during the transfer (this should only take a few secs)
  • Once transferred, the code will run automatically on your BBC micro:bit. To re-run your program, press the reset button on the back of your BBC micro:bit. The reset button automatically runs the newest file on the BBC micro:bit.
  • After you unplug the micro:bit, your program will still run if the micro:bit is powered by battery.