Sometimes things go wrong. No need to worry! Here's a handy guide to get you up and jamming.

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1. Compare your Synth with these image below and make sure they're matching. Check each component matches the rows and columns

Atari Punk Console 

2. Push all the components in as much as you can, without bending them, but the breadboard can be a little stiff, so go ahead and give them a strong nudge.

  • Everything looks good and fits snuggly to the breadboard? 

Let's be doubly sure and check a few specific components.

3. Integrated Circuit Chip (IC)

Compare your chip with the image below and make sure they're matching. Double check your chip is facing the correct way with the small notch to the left in row 14.

  • Looks a little off? Remove the chip and adjust. Please be super-duper careful as the legs can be quite fragile. 

4. Potentiometers

  • Check the potentiometer are the right values and they are lined up in the correct rows and columns. 
    • B470K - column I, row 3, 5, 7
    • B470K - column B, row 3, 5, 7
    • A2.2K - column B, row 26, 28, 30
  • Give your potentiometers a little wiggle, take them out and pop them back in again
  • Twist them all a little and try again

5. Battery

  • Make sure it has charge. If in doubt, try a new one.
  • Are your battery cables twisted tightly and without any loose copper wires?

6. Resistors

  • Have you got the right resistor in there? Looks closely and double check the 4 colors match the values outlined in the manual. For example 1k would be brown, black, red, gold

7. Also...

  • Check if the capacitor's long legs are plugged in the right way around.
  • Is there anything blocking any of the holes in your breadboard?

Tried all that and still no sweet Synth beatsPlease follow the steps here for getting in touch with us - we'll sort it out together.