Your micro:bit has a ton of features allowing you to code and invent some pretty awesome stuff


  • 25 individually-programmable LEDs allowing you to display text, numbers, and images

  • 2 buttons labelled A and B which when pressed allow you to trigger code on the device

  • 25 Pins on the edge connector of the micro:bit. These can be used to program motors, LEDs, or other electrical components


  • A basic light sensor, allowing you to detect ambient light

  • Built-in temperature sensor that can detect the current temperature of the device

  • An accelerometer measures the acceleration of your micro:bit; this component senses when the micro:bit is moved. It can also detect other actions, e.g. shake, tilt, and free-fall

  • A compass allowing you to detect which direction the micro:bit is facing

  • Radio feature allows you to communicate wirelessly between micro:bits

  • Bluetooth Low Energy allowing the micro:bit to control phones and tablets over Bluetooth