The Games Studio app and Arcade coder should connect automatically but if you’re having difficulties connecting your Games Studio app to your Arcade Coder please follow the steps below.

  • Make sure that your iPad is connected to the internet

  • Make sure that you have Bluetooth enabled on your iPad

    • This can be done by going to your device Settings > Bluetooth and toggling the switch (it will be green once enabled)

  • Turn your Arcade Coder off

  • Quit the Games Studio app

    • This can be done by double tapping the iPad’s home button and then swiping the app upwards so that it disappears from the screen

  • Turn your Arcade Coder on

  • Open the Games Studio app

You will know that the connection is successful when the Arcade Coder LEDs flash green. If you’ve tried the process above and they still do not connect please get in touch with us by following these instructions.