When the Games Studio app connects to an Arcade Coder for the first time the Arcade Coder it connected to will become the Games Studio’s “favourite”. This means that the next time the app tries to connect it will always prefer the first Arcade Coder it connected to, only trying to connect to another if it cannot connect to its favourite within 10 seconds.

If you think your app may have another Arcade Coder as its favourite (maybe you used a friends Arcade Coder with your iPad) follow the steps below to speed the connection up.

  • Go to the Settings screen

  • Press the “Forget my Arcade Coder” button

  • Press the “Forget Arcade Coder” button in the window that pops up

  • Press the back arrow on the Settings screen

  • Turn your Arcade Coder off

  • Turn your Arcade Coder on

The Games Studio and Arcade Coder should now connect straight after the rainbow animation finishes without a delay and your Arcade Coder will become the Games Studio's favourite.